Van den Hul Interconnects

Van Den Hul D 102 III Hybred Interconnects

Van Den Hul has an incredibly good reputation in the audio industry for producing very high quality audio/power cables as well as some outstanding phono cartridges and associated electronics.

Their cables are industrial grade and as such are probably over spec'd for home hi-fi use. They are so tough you could probably swing on them Happy

Having said that - once you purchase them - they will last you a life time.

I have had the
D - 102 III Hybrid Interconnects on my system for over six years and they just keep allowing me to hear the details that are being gained from ALL of my other upgrades.

Their science is simple...
  • Triple screens
  • Two balanced silver coated high grade copper conductors
  • An insulation that is air tight (i.e. it prevents ANY oxidation from taking place)
  • Low capacitance
  • The "floating screen" method of connection is used, when purchased with factory installed connectors

They are more expensive than a lot of cables, but they are very much
"worth the investment"