D-352 Speaker Cable

Van Den Hul D352 Hybrid Speaker Cables

Van Den Hul has an incredibly good reputation in the audio industry for producing very high quality audio/power cables as well as some outstanding phono cartridges and associated electronics.

Their cables are industrial grade and as such are probably over spec'd for home hi-fi use. They are so tough you could probably swing on them Happy

Having said that - once you purchase them - they will last you a life time.

The D - 352 Hybrid is a 10 Gauge, Low Capacitance (32.5 pF/m) cable with two leads. Each lead is made of 296 x 0.15 mm. Matched Crystal (MC) high purity OFC strands with a dense and very pure silver coating. It works perfectly with all amplifiers, especially those that prefer low capacitance, like my NAIM 5i

Covering the two conductors an extra layer saturated with Linear Structured Carbon ® is applied to improve the sonic performance and to transform the radiated magnetic field into an audio signal again.

These cables have been on my system for around 7 years. Prior to that I had the
CLEARWATER (good for bookshelf speakers) and then the CS - 122 Hybrid which is now on my AV system.

All three of these cables are very transparent in nature and each step-up provides more control and deepening of the lower frequencies

I purchased the cables as bulk and added gold plated bananas with a "dry-weld" screw cable clamp.

All of these cables are a highly recommended purchase - just pick one that fits your budget and speaker size

page6_blog_entry40-two-thumbs-up A highly recommended product!