DH Labs Interconnects

DH Labs BL-1 Silver Sonic Interconnect

I constructed the DH Labs Silver Sonic BL-1 interconnect with the very same Furutech RCA connectors and WBT solder, as used on my Van Den hul D102 III Interconnect
  • then, any differences could only be attributed to the actual cable
  • both sets of cables were approximately 44 inches long.
  • both sets employed the "Floating Screen" construction technique detailed in this blog

I attached both sets of cables in turn, to my DAC and auditioned these cables with four Sarah McLachlan tracks that are very dynamic, full range, with some very nice "vocal acoustics" (echos and reverb)
  • on all of these tracks her beautiful whispery voice came across with superbly controlled sibilance
  • the low frequencies went way down into the basement and were extremely well controlled
  • the guitars being plucked on a couple of tracks were incredibly crisp and very dynamic

So how did the BL-1's fare?
  • I could not tell any difference between these two sets of cables!

I thought I heard improvements in the BL-1, but when I switched back, the D102 was right there sounding identical.
  • this went on for a while - I got lots of exercise though Happy

The fact that I could not hear any difference, may be an indication that whatever sound the DAC was producing was being conveyed flawlessly by both sets of interconnects!

The build quality of the BL-1 cable ($4/ft) is very respectable.
  • NO - it is NOT of the same build quality as the D102 at around $12/ft, or some of the Furutech cables priced around $20/ft
  • But what DH Labs has accomplished yet again, is produce a product that appears to perform, to this listener at least, as well as some much higher priced competition.

The BL-1 does have:
  • two silver coated conductors of the same size - i.e. balanced - just like the VDH D102 III
  • a 100% foil screen with a drain wire of the very same quality as the main conductors 
    • in many cables the drain wire is of a lessor quality than the main conductors
  • Each wire appeared to employ an RF Rejection geometry - i.e. the strands are tightly twisted together - even drain wire!
    • this technique actually uses more wire per ft than either the VDH or Furutech - but those both have very good braided shields

It would be interesting to know just how much better these cables can perform, but in my system at present the BL-1 is a very good addition.

Another excellent product from DH Labs!


DH Labs - Toslink

I've only just purchased the Toslink Optical Cable, but I was immediately "blown away"

It's sonic performance left the Toslink it replaced in it's dust!

This toslink is capable of transferring 150 Mbps, whereas the old one was down at 50 Mbps - but that should have been ample - shouldn't it?

It is connecting my Apple TV, which I use for streaming from PC and Internet, to my Cambridge Audio Dacmagic.

Musical details are amazing! The sound is much fuller and considerably more detailed.

The soundstage is now very precise in three dimensions

I can only assume, since I have no definitive proof, that the improvements were due to the more complete transfer of digital data to the DAC.

A highly recommended purchase.

page6_blog_entry40-two-thumbs-up A highly recommended product!

Addendum: since writing the above review I have installed a second DH Labs toslink cable on my AV system resulting in similar very noticeable improvements.