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All images displayed in the gallery are available as a print and are certified as an original print from our digital master files. Please call for a quotation.

We offer our customers only the highest quality of prints utilizing a proven selection of printing and mounting alternatives to choose from, including...
  • Size of print
  • Texture - prints can be printed with a textured finish in a Giclée style.
  • Print Medium - available options include...
_________Archival Photographic C type paper.
_________Metallic Photographic Paper.
_________Hahnemühle FineArt specialty papers. These are Limited Edition Giclée prints.
_________Canvas stretched on frame. These are Limited Edition Giclée prints.
  • Laminate Finish - Lamination allows for glass-free mounting and framing of Archival Photographic C and Metallic prints.
_________A range of laminates are available for Archival Photographic C type paper only.
_________Only the Satin laminate is recommended for Metallic Photographic Paper in order to maintain the metallic lustre
  • Mounting options:
_________Unmounted - print only.
_________*Framed and Matted - prints are mounted, matted and framed to customer requirements
_________Masonite - recommended for all paper based prints.
_________GatorFoam - a rigid foam cored lightweight board (recommended only if weight is an issue).
_________Float Mount - framing not required - only used for Archival Photographic C-print type and Metallic paper.

Framing options are available.
  • We offer product from premier local framing companies that employs traditional and advanced mounting and framing techniques.
  • Custom framing requires the client to visit our framing company to select from their available frame and matting options.
  • *The printing, mounting and framing process can take as long as 4 weeks to complete. Please allow for this.

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