Naim 5i Amp

Naim Nait 5i mkII Review

What a cracking little amp the Nait 5i has turned out to be. I've had it for a couple of years now and it just keeps getting better.

If you are not thirsting for bags of power, but are a details kind of person, then this is the amp for you.

This is an incredibly "articulate" and "dynamic" integrated unit, which is conservatively rated at 50 watts - but those are Naim-Watts
It is really quite small and only has a volume control and 4 input switches - what more do you want?
- oh yes - it comes with a remote control Happy

The "pre" section is passive (i.e. no amplification) and that is one of the reasons this amp is so good.

It has an incredible depth to it's bass, superbly smooth middle and a very accurate top end that is neither too bright or harsh.

AND - it accomplishes this without getting any warmer than room temperature - i.e. cool to the touch - REALLY!!!
When I first got it i kept walking over to feel the temperature. Now I leave it on 24/365 and in it's dormant state it only uses 10 watts!!!

It’s a Naim - so like the rest of their amps it does not like high capacitance speaker cables, but it is a little more tolerant than some of the others in their line-up. The Naim cables are of course the best match, but the cables that I have listed in this blog are an extremely good match also.

Driving the Gershman Acoustic Sonogram speakers is accomplished with amazing ease. The Sonograms have a sensitivity 89 dB @ 1w/1m, an Impedance of 6 ohms, frequency response 28Hz-20kHz, with recommended Power 40-250 watts. and the Naim has no problem exercising these speakers across their entire frequency range.

Perhaps the most stunning music to listen to on this system is organ music with it's full spectrum sound - the superbly controlled bass can easily rattle the crockery - so bolt them down.

But it is equally at home bringing a delicate voice front and centre into your listening room, with amazingly life like performances.

To get this level of performance you will need at least a 10 gauge high quality power cord.

Thanks Naim

page6_blog_entry40-two-thumbs-up A highly recommended product!