Isolation - Mecahnical and Electrostatic

Mechanical Isolation - Rack Vibrations
Isolation Plinth

UPDATE: in place of the 3/4” MDF isolation plinth I now use an 3/8” granite tile.
It provides superior isolation when used with the
* Cone Isolation Feet - What They Do (1)


Electrostatic Isolation

This section describes some vert effective and very affordable cable riser solutions

Why do you need them?
- there is an electrostatic “connection” between carpet and cables that rest on them
- On high resolving systems you may notice an improvement by lifting the cables of the floor

Cable risers can cost an alarming amount of money, when they can cost only a few bucks and a little effort...

A trip to the Dollar Store was a real eye opener
- I purchased the alphabet blocks for around $6 and the craft sticks for $2
- the printing block were a little more expensive - $12 - but they have that little indent in the sides which was perfect for my speaker cables
- 2 sheets of 2” square ceramic tiles from Home Depot cost around $18

Rizers 1

The craft sticks had double sided tape, so I just cut to length and stuck them to the alphabet blocks
- some two sided tapes attached them to the ceramic tile

The printing blocks just need some two sided tape to attach them to the ceramic tile.

So for $38 I have enough risers for power and speaker cables...
Rizers 2
Rizers 3

Should the be higher off the ground?

Well I did try suspending the cables about 15” above the ground also and I could not tell any difference.

They are definitely a talking point when friends come over