*My Goal

The Story so far

It's taken over 30 years to get to this point in my Hi-Fi Journey

For most of it I have been
"in the dark" and had to rely on audio stores to educate me in the finer points.

With the advent of the internet and the many excellent manufacturers providing some incredible sources of information, thankfully this is no longer the case.

I have been able to acquire knowledge that would have otherwise required me to be in the industry.

Some of this knowledge I already possessed after completing an Apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering

For many years I tinkered with various electronic circuits, like amps and guitar sound effects
On the digital side, considerable knowledge was gained when I completed a degree in Computer Science (with a bias towards hardware design)

I have been sharing my experiences with friends and a few forum members, who suggested it would be good to have it all in one place!

- My very own Blog! - So here it is...


To document tweaks that have proven to extract every last ounce of performance from my existing components!!!

That's me in a nutshell - enjoy the blog


I take the promotion of products very seriously.
If a company's product is identified on this blog it is solely based on that products
exceptional performance.
I do not receive any type payment for products mentioned on this blog