Component Isolation Foot

Here is a very effective way of isolating components from vibrations that are present in the component rack and shelves

I currently have this implemented on my turntable using a 1.25" ball and under my amplifier using a 1/2" ball.
The washer should be slightly larger than the component foot

Only a single layer of 1/8" or 1/10" thick sorbothane is required

I found any thicker than this actually made my turntable sound a little "muddy" - i.e. not as crisp and dynamic

NOTE: you can remove the component foot altogether and apply the sorbothane directly to the chassis, provided it is flat


NOTE: This design is very similar to very successful methods employed in Japan, where they use huge rubber blocks or springs to isolate buildings from the surrounding terrain in the event of earthquakes - it's just on a very much smaller scaleHappy