DH Labs Power Cables

DH Labs Encore Power Cable

WARNING: unless you are an experienced electrical professional - consult a technician

Considering the success I've had with other DH Labs cables I figured I’d give this one a try.

It was a 5ft length of their
Encore AC Cable, which I fitted with my favourite Vanguard Plug and IEC connector from Ebay

This cable is supposed to be 14 AWG cable, however, using the 14 gauge setting on my wire stripper resulted in some of the strands in the individual conductor being severed, so I used the 12 gauge setting to prevent further problems.

The construction of t
his 15 amp cable features three high-purity 14 AWG Stranded OFHC Copper Conductors with a 100% foil shield and drain wire enclosed inside a durable two-layer grey coloured outer jacket.

When I initially constructed my 15 gauge and 10 gauge Furutech cables I fully expected the 15 gauge to be suited to more to components and the 10 gauge cable to be more suited for Power Amp use. And that's exactly how it played out - with the 10 gauge Furutech cable providing more depth and control to the lower frequencies.

My findings were very similar to the Furutech experience, in that the Encore provided a little less resolution than the Power Plus, but if you are budget minded, this is still a very good performer

For amps I would definitely move up to the higher gauge
Power Plus AC Cable, but for components this is an extremely good performer!

A highly recommended purchase for hi-fi components - at only $4.50/ft (+ connectors of your choice)

I have to wonder - what else can the guys at DH Labs possibly achieve? - Oh yes - there's the Red Wave AC Cable - take a look!


DH Labs Power Cord Plus

WARNING: unless you are an experienced electrical professional - consult a technician

I recently purchased the bulk
DH Labps Power Plus AC Cable to see how it would perform.

I replaced the Furutech 10 awg cable on my amp to find - it did not degrade the performance at all!

Not bad, considering it cost 1/4 the price of the Furutech

However, it is not built to the same tank-like physical specifications that the Furutech is.
  • But then - it doesn't really need to be, since it's primary use is for in-home audio - not industrial use
  • The cable is very well constructed, with a very tough, shiny dark blue jacket.
  • It is rated as a 12 awg cable, but when I stripped the conductors some of the strands came away - using the 10 awg setting rectified the problem

I used exactly the same connectors as on the furutech - so the test was on the cable only

I have since moved it to the Power Conditioner, which noticeably improved the performance of the connected source components

This cable is very well made and uses "cable geometry" to reject RF.

This allows it to be much more flexible and it has no problems routing in tighter spaces.

However, It is a thick 12 awg cable, so it may not go where the cables supplied with components have gone before Happy

The connectors I currently use are these SONAR QUEST CRYO Ag Audio Grade Silver plated IEC plug + US Power plug

A highly recommended purchase for amplifiers and components at just less than $7/ft (+ connectors of your choice)