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Owen Sound

"Evening Paddle"

Aspen Groves

"Groves of Aspen"

Newfoundland South Coast

"Amelorating Mist"


"A Stable Sunset"


"In a Land Far Far Away..."




"Mutande Monday"

Make way for Windmills

"Wind Power"

Smiths Falls

"Free to Choose - REALLY?"

Sanstone Tree Blue


Tree Blue x2

"Natures Secret"


"We Can Do Better!"

Venice 1

"Canale Grande - Venizia

Venice 3


Venice 2


Venice 4

"Signorina, per voi?"

Venice 6


Venice 7

"Working Boats"


"Gossamer Petals"


"Exsquisite Curls"

Stairs 1

"Up! - or Down?"

Stairs 2

"Simply Marbleous"

GT Hot Springs

"Hot Springs in Winter"

Parry Sound 2

"A Fall Sunrise"

Parry Sound 1

"Burning off the mist

Georgian Bay

"Canadian Flora"

Georgian Bay 2

"P-Break! - as in Paddle"

Santorini 1

"Simply Illuminating"

Santorini 2


Santorini 3

"Lines, Form, Light"

Santorini 4

Time through the Arches"

Santorini 5

"BEWARE! - Greeks, Gifts etc..."

Vancouver Island

"Just... Being Together"

Killarney The Crack 2

"Cellphone Reception - ZERO!"

Killarney The Crack 1

"The View from MY desk"

GT Ranch

GT Ranch

Killarney boat

"A Proud Retirement"

Vatican Mus Dome

Art of Deception - Painted not Plaster

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