Grounding & Hi-Fi Issues

Grounding and "Floating Shield" architecture

WARNING: unless you are an experienced electrical professional - consult a technician

The following diagram depicts how "Floating Shield" cables must be connected to the various components in order to maximize their effectiveness

All source components having a two pronged plug must have a supplemental ground wire connecting their chassis to one central ground point - in my case it is located on the Power Conditioner

  • UPDATE: I no longer use a power conditioner, it has been replaced with a DIY power distribution panel, but it also has a centralized grounding point.

Since the Apple TV is not connected "electrically" to the DAC (i.e. only via optical interconnect) and it only has a two-pin plug there is no need to ground it .

I have included a Pre Amp in the diagram in order to show how the interconnect to the Power Amp must be attached.

The power cables to the Phono Stage and DAC are of a
“Helix geometry" which rejects RF and requires no screen/shield

What difference does this make? - I found that details in the music became much more noticeable and correctly positioned in the soundstage

Screen shot 2012-01-26 at 2.24.48 PM